purrista pawfee

Come get fully cat-feinted with the cute cats of Purrista Pawfee. These kawaii cats have fun, punny, coffee names. Meet Catpuccino, Kittea, Biskitti, and rest of these kitties.
Give a kitty a home today!

Punny Buns

Meet the Punny Buns! These are original designs mixing Kimchi Kawaii's love of bunnies, puns and bread (cause who doesn't love bread). Here you can find the Steamed Bun, Honey Bun and the rest of this cute rabbit family.


Want to meet the creator behind all the puns? Kimchi Kawaii travels around the United States attending anime conventions and other events throughout the year. Come see me in either the dealers or artist alley! Check the events list to see a full schedule.